Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Years

For New Years Eve and Day we didn't really do anything much. A few days after though we were invited to our friend Mr. Takeno's house for a New Years Feast with his family. We went last year and had so much fun that we were excited to go again.

Here are the pictures, they are out of order, but oh well!

Mr. Takeno and his family.

This was the table we sat at to play games. I WANT ONE! You sit on the floor which has a hole under the table to put your feet down in, and it has a heater down there. SO warm and cozy!

They loved playing with Gena!

The girls had lots of fun playing and our hosts had fun with them too.

Gena had to go to the bathrooom and did not want to use a strange toliet. So sad.

They always ask the girls to play them a song.
They had found the English movie of Never Ending Story for the girls to watch.
Most of the food was very yummy. I say most simply because its Japan and well Japan likes lots of fish, and fish flavored stuff. In three years it still hasn't grown on me. The chicken and everything else was so good though.

I'm going to miss our Japanese friends!


This past December was a busy and fun one.

The girls had a dance recital and they both did great!

Here are some videos of them dancing. Niyah is so cute. A lady came up to me after the performance and said "Harley is a great dancer, she was the only one up there who knew how to shake her hips!"...... umm thanks I think

We had a great Christmas activity at the church. Jeb dressed up as a shepard and this was his little helper.

Christmas Eve we invited a couple of guys from Jebs work over. Had a nice dinner, played some Christmas bingo.Genevieve sat by who she thought would let her steal the most M&M's.

The girls all received new PJ's from Granny. They loved them.

Then Christmas was set up and ready.

The girls were happy and excited.

This is them looking at their glow in the dark silly bandz.

A tired Mom and Dad.

The girls were so excited to give Gena their give.

Then it was all over

Some went outside to draw with chalk and play with their American Girl Mini Dolls

Someone went outside to play with their new roller skates
And someone took a nap!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All caught up!!

I can't believe it, I finally caught up on the posts I wanted to do. Please look through and enjoy! I think you even have to click for older posts to see all of them. :)

Birthday fun

The day after Thanksgiving was my birthday and I told Jeb I wanted to do something fun. So during the day we took the kids to Round 1 Stadium. Its a place where you can do all sorts of things and I could go up to the spa room for a little relaxation. The kids had so much fun and so did we!

Gena wanted to try everything her sisters did.

We had lots of fun playing war with the ball shooters.

Niyah's favorite was the roller skating rink, complete with her protective "butt pad"

Mini bowling was lots of fun

Gena loved the little kids section

So did her older sisters

To much fun

So much fun that when we arrived home this is what happened, no better birthday then having fun with my family