Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Years

For New Years Eve and Day we didn't really do anything much. A few days after though we were invited to our friend Mr. Takeno's house for a New Years Feast with his family. We went last year and had so much fun that we were excited to go again.

Here are the pictures, they are out of order, but oh well!

Mr. Takeno and his family.

This was the table we sat at to play games. I WANT ONE! You sit on the floor which has a hole under the table to put your feet down in, and it has a heater down there. SO warm and cozy!

They loved playing with Gena!

The girls had lots of fun playing and our hosts had fun with them too.

Gena had to go to the bathrooom and did not want to use a strange toliet. So sad.

They always ask the girls to play them a song.
They had found the English movie of Never Ending Story for the girls to watch.
Most of the food was very yummy. I say most simply because its Japan and well Japan likes lots of fish, and fish flavored stuff. In three years it still hasn't grown on me. The chicken and everything else was so good though.

I'm going to miss our Japanese friends!

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